Latest Technology for Geysers in India

To ensure highest customer satisfaction and provide most durable and having added functions, present top brands are manufacturing Geysers with following major Qualities and features:-


  1. Components having rust proof and anti-corrosion properties. Like water tanks of these Geysers are made of thick M.S. Sheets with Glass line rust proof coatings.
  2. Geysers having ABS plastic bodies which are weatherproof & rust proof.
  3. Molded PUF insulations around water tanks to make them Highly energy efficient. Star ratings define their energy efficiency quotient.
  4. Musical function with sound speakers and FM/WIFI enabled PCB
  5. Latest plastic body designs with beautiful colorful labels, to make the looks very attractive.
  6. Single device to provide multiple safeties. Like Multi-Function Valve is a device which protects Geyser from High pressure, negative pressure, Drain valve and non-return valve.