Why Geyser / Water Heater servicing is required every season- Dr. Electrical

You must consider following important points which strongly conveys you to service your Water Heaters / Geysers every season:-

  1. Proper maintenance every season will ensure that our Geyser will last longer and you will not have to buy an expensive Geyser in short span of time.
  2. This maintenance will improve the Thermal efficiency of Geyer and you will save on power bill also.
  3. During servicing every season the pressure valves and temperature control devices are checked for your Safety.  This is highly advisable to avoid over pressurizing/bursting of the water tank. Also, the overheating chances of water will get eliminated which can otherwise cause skin burns if water temperature goes beyond limits.
  4. During summer when Geyser is not used the water inside gets contaminated and during servicing the flushing is done to take out unclean water and salt deposits. This flushing enhances fast heating of water and proper flow of water through geyser internal pipes as clogging of all pipes is also removed.