Advantage of Window AC And Split AC - drelectical

Advantages of Window A.C.

  • Window air conditioners are quite affordable as accessories which are required in split AC are avoidable.
  • They are also extremely efficient and consume 1.5 unit per hour , provided the compressor is ON all this time. However when required set temperature is achieved, compressors remain Off. So the (EER) energy efficiency ratio is high.
  • Easy to install as less accessories involved as compared to split A.C.
  • Both cooling and heating facilities available with energy saving .
  • Portable Types , as easy to uninstall fix at other place,


Split air conditioner advantages

  • An efficient and cost-effective air conditioning way to keep rooms cooled down,
  • Its energy saving and has lower running cost.
  • Cold air blower unit can be installed at your choice of location inside the room. You can fix it over the bed or sitting area.
  • Split AC keeps window area free and vacant.
  • As AC Compressor unit which emits heat is installed away & out of the room, this ensures fast cooling of room with low energy consumption on long term basis.