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Geysers convert electrical energy into heat energy through a heating element. Cold water comes into a compartment, gets warmed up to a certain degree, by the heating element and then the heated water is carried out through another outlet. There are a lot of water heaters out there in the market. Dr.Electrical is one of the leading players when it comes to geysers and water heaters. Whether it is a tank geyser or an instant geyser, Dr.Electrical is a master at both.If you are looking for geyser repair and Sales you can connect us.

Key Features:

  • Temperature Control, up to 75 DC

  • Single weld line Enamel Glass line coated tank for corrosion resistance

  • 8 bar, suitable for pressure pumps and high rise buildings.

  • ABS Polymer used for Rust and Corrosion Free Body

  • CFC free PUF insulation

  • Multifunction valve for enhanced safety

  • 2KW, Incoloy Heating Element

  • Capillary Thermostat for enhanced safety

  • Magnesium Anode prevents Rust and Corrosion even in Hard Water

  • Disc Cut-Out backup Safety device prevents overheating


Heating Element


Instant Geyser

Storage Water Heater

Storage Water Heater


Heat Pump Water Heater

Instant Water Heating Element

Heavy Excel Heating Element 2KW

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